Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Women's Dinner

It is the day for the women's dinner! Behbehghull (Mom) and I are running around trying to get everyone invited and things prepared. We have a lot to do and we still have to go and help Rose and her sister Chelsey set up for tonight. Mom and I haul a couple chairs and groceries up the hill and onto the trail to the house. We are laughing so hard we are almost crying. We look like idiots and everyone is laughing at the two blan (white) chicks on a motorcycle hauling a bunch of stuff. We drop the stuff off at the house and drive over to Quinntans to help Rose.

We set up tables and chairs and then realize that everyone will be sitting in the sun. Behbehghull remembers we have a huge white tent so we drive back to the house to get it. How is this going to work? I am basically sitting on the gas tank and mom sits behind me with her skinny little arms stretched out behind her clinging desperately to this huge box full of tent and metal framing. I try to take it slow so her little arms don’t snap off over the bumps and we laugh like idiots the whole way. The "road" from our house to Quinntans is horrible. Picture the worst trail you know of and multiply it. Now picture my mom's skinny arms clinging to a huge box as I drive sitting on the gas tank, both of us laughing like fools. I have to leave Behbehghull and Rose and Chelsey to set up the tent because I have to pick up a bunch of people from town to bring them up to the dinner.

Trip after trip, driving to all areas of town to find my friends and try to guide them and a million taxis up the mountain. Everyone looks beautiful and classy. I’m so proud of my friends. They’re so cool and wild and beautiful. They’re all so excited to be here. Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up for a girls day? After two hours of shuttling, everyone is here and we are all so excited.

Rose has made gift bags for everyone. Beautiful gift bags full of
wonderful lady supplies. They all have bookmarks to color and they get bracelets. Rose talks about who she was when she was young and the women are moved and appreciate her honesty. So do I. We make sure everyone gets one of everything. My friends tell me how happy they are that they could come. They say they love the party. It is really beautiful. The decorations and the punch. The tables are all so beautiful. Rose really went all out with this and I am just so grateful I get to be a small part of it. There are almost 80 women here! This is not something most of them would ever get to do, go somewhere and get so many wonderful gifts and food. It's like a beautiful bridal shower or a baby shower but for every single woman! I have to take mom to preach at a church so I have to leave for a little bit.

Mom and I put our dresses and heels on. Am I seriously going to drive my motorcycle in heels? Yup. Mom and I laugh the whole way to church thinking about how corny we look driving like this.

Upon arriving we are informed that she was supposed to preach last night… fail. Back to the party we go just in time to help the ladies home. Each woman received a huge bag of rice and beans. What a blessing! Today was exhausting, but a total success. Everyone is so happy as they walk away in their dresses and heels with bags of rice on their heads.

Thank you Rose for being so real and kind. Thank you for loving people and taking care of them as well as you do. Thank you for seeing the people of Haiti as people and not as a mission. You are a joy to be around and you are much more fearless than you give yourself credit for. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate you. Love you!

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