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Kate Bartow playing with children on a trip to the very remote village, Doko,
Haiti January, 2015. Doko is located deep in the mountains, and is reported
to have been very hard hit by hurricane Matthew.
Kate Bartow, has been serving the people of Haiti for most of her life. She has a deep love for the Haitian people, and a heart on fire for serving the Lord. When the 2010 earthquake hit, she was on the ground in Port Au Prince with her family before many relief organizations. When hurricane Matthew hit, she was in the country with relief supplies within the week. Kate was in Jérémie, Haiti for the past several weeks where she was helping in any way that she could including: bringing food, charcoal, and clean drinking water to people without, treating the sick and wounded, and providing encouragement to the hopeless. After completing work commitments in the States during November and December 2016, Kate is back in Jeremie to continue relief work. Due to poor internet connection and limited free time, Kate sends her blog posts to a friend who publishes them to this blog. 

Bryan and Lisa Bartow.
Kate's parents, Bryan and Lisa Bartow, have been leading teams to Haiti for over 25 years, almost as long as they've been married, following in the footsteps of Lisa's late parents, who did the same for 30 years. Lisa's grandfather, Pastor George Clérié, was a native Haitian (as was her mother, Primrose). He preached the gospel in the remote regions in and around Jeremie in the the Grand Anse province. Many churches were founded in remote mountain regions as a result of his ministry.

Read more about Bryan and Lisa Bartow and their ministry in Haiti through Flc7.com

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  1. Your website came up because of the reference to Pastor George Clerie and his mother Primrose, as I was searching for information on the internet about the sender of a letter in my extensive philatelic collection of Jeremie. This letter is dated 1934 and is from Mme SY Clerie and looks as if it was a business letter as it has a typed address to Messrs Hirsch & Lemke at Port-au-Prince. What I was searching for was an idea of what kind of business she ran in Jeremie and any details of Mme SY Clerie's life. I started collection Jeremie as its the only town in the world with my name (nearly!) Any information is welcome.